Painted dog pup video: Watching African wild dogs swim is just as cute as you think.

Watching African Wild Dog Pups Swim Is Exactly as Adorable as You Think It Is

Watching African Wild Dog Pups Swim Is Exactly as Adorable as You Think It Is

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June 19 2015 12:55 PM

African Wild Dog Pups Go for a Swim 


Screengrab from YouTube.

For those of you looking for an update on the Cincinnati Zoo's painfully adorable African wild dog pups (which I assume to be everybody with a soul): You're in luck. In addition to remaining cute and awesome (despite somewhat sizeable growth spurts all around), they're also swimming now. In groups. Adorably.

Seemingly playing a synchronized dog version of sharks and minnows, a large swath of the herd can be seen in the video above doggy-paddling their way across the pool of their enclosure. "That is too much!" says a woman off screen, (probably) in response to seeing the multiple sets of massive ears bobbing along the water. And she's right, it almost is too much.


As a reminder, African wild dogs, or painted dogs (or Cape hunting dogs), are endangered canines native to the plains of sub-Saharan Africa. Highly intelligent and monogomous creatures, they operate as a family unit, caring for one another immensely and using advanced communication skills to hunt as a pack.

We can now also add leisurely swims to the list of things that they do well as a group.

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