The Hobby Lobby SCOTUS protester circus, in pictures.

The Hobby Lobby SCOTUS Circus, in Pictures

The Hobby Lobby SCOTUS Circus, in Pictures

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March 25 2014 10:34 AM

The Hobby Lobby SCOTUS Circus, in Pictures

On the way into the Capitol today, I stopped by the Supreme Court to see how the Hobby Lobby protests matched up with previous protests. My far more photographically talented colleague Jamelle Bouie is going to come out with better shots, but here's what I found, starting with the fairly rote let's-send-our-staffers-downtown-before-the-meeting rally on the left side of the court.

photo 2

Very much on message, unlike this guy.

photo 1 (1)

Take note: Reporters always prefer it when the colorful protesters are on message. Most of the Fourth Estate-ers I saw were deep in conversation with people who'd brought massive signs.

photo 2 (1)

See also:

photo 3

But you can hardly fault them for wanting to capture the most intense protesters.

photo 3 (1)

Or the most creative.

photo 1

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