Poll: Chris Christie suffers in 2016 primary, Hillary Clinton ahead by 61 points.
Poll: Christie Suffers in 2016 Primary; Clinton Ekes Out Narrow 61-Point Lead
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Jan. 30 2014 3:31 PM

Poll: Christie Suffers in 2016 Primary; Clinton Ekes Out Narrow 61-Point Lead

She ekes!

Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Today's too-early 2016 primary poll comes from ABC News and the Washington Post—1,003 adults, roughly the same number of Republicans and Democrats. The fun bit:


When I teased TNR's Noam Scheiber about this result, shaming him for his 2013 piece that portrayed a Warren-style populist surge as Clinton's worst nightmare, he gave it right back:

True! But Clinton never, ever had a lead like this. In the earliest WaPo poll of the 2008 primary, in December 2006, Clinton was at 39 percent. Her best-ever showing in the poll, in October 2007, was 53 percent. Her biggest-ever lead, 33 points, came in that same poll. I think we can agree that 73 is larger than 53, and a 61-point lead is larger than a 33-point lead. The media's crisis of a boring Democratic Party continues.*

As to the Republican race: Well, OK, it's clearer than ever that the era of Chris Christie being the sure-thing candidate who could beat Hillary and thus win over conservative skeptics began in November 2013 and ended two months later.

*I'd still like to see a poll that asked Democrats whether they'd back Hillary or want another candidate—no names, just the idea of the alternative. That said, it's not like Joe Biden has low name ID.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post.