Special Prog Rock Programming Note

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Nov. 19 2013 9:24 AM

Special Prog Rock Programming Note

Starting today and continuing through Dec. 9, I'm taking a short leave from this blog to work on a forthcoming book about progressive rock. Based on "Prog Spring," my 2012 series for Slate, it's going to be a narrative history of/argument for the music and its unappreciated role in pop. I've been working through more than a hundred interviews; many hundreds of pages of memoirs, music magazines, and reviews; old audio chats with musicians and producers. Point is, it takes time to churn this into the sort of book people might want to read, and I'll be off for a while as I hack through the first few miles of vines and branches.

Emma Roller will be keeping up the blog during the next few weeks. I'm not vanishing completely; I can be reached at this email address for anything politics-related, though Emma's the person you should send tips to. Drop me a line, honestly, if you want to point me to anything prog-related. The Internet communities that have been built up to share and talk about this music have been a huge help thus far.

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