SCOTUS gay marriage protests: The best signs.

Dear Scalia: YOLO

Dear Scalia: YOLO

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March 26 2013 1:15 PM

Dear Scalia: YOLO

Behold: Photos of the wildest meeting of subcultures since whenever the last Coachella was.

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When the Getty/AP calculus is done, I think Queen Amor will end up being the star of the SCOTUS protests and rallies. The drag queen ran in and out of the crowd, accompanied by a sidekick hoisting an amp and iPod, dancing to songs like "Born This Way" and "One Love."

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I don't think this is a direct quote.

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The Asian-American presence was large and earnest.

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The sash-wearing America Needs Fatima movement are battle-hardened protesters, veterans of action against The Last Temptation of Christ and Dogma.

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Liberals went more for Internet memes.

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Like I was saying.

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But the most compelling scene came near the end of the rally, as a man who wore a family portrait—him and his husband—quietly kept engaging in discussions with people he considered "hateful."

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