"Which Candidate Do You Think Relies More on a Teleprompter?"

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Oct. 10 2012 6:41 PM

"Which Candidate Do You Think Relies More on a Teleprompter?"

From the new Fox News poll, which gives Mitt Romney a 46-45 lead -- his first lead in two months.

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This is for the base, but it's also true. Romney avoids the teleprompter for short speeches. Barack Obama hauls it out. I said this earlier today, but the belief that Obama is an affirmative-action candidate who can't string together homilies without a glowing screen is universally held on the right. It's not clear whether the average voter agrees, because it's a pretty disturbing concept. At least, it's not as big a problem for Obama as Ronald Reagan's age was when he was 73 and stumbling through debates.

David Weigel is a reporter for Bloomberg Politics

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