Artur Davis Appears in Super PAC Anti-Obama Ads

Artur Davis Appears in Super PAC Anti-Obama Ads

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Oct. 2 2012 9:51 AM

Artur Davis Appears in Super PAC Anti-Obama Ads

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Last month I noticed that the Joe Ricketts-funded political PAC "Ending Spending" had ditched a possible campaign against Barack Obama's scary racial connections. Its real home stretch ad campaign would portray Real Americans who'd voted for Obama, then felt betrayed by his failure. Message: It's okay, swing voter, if you want to bail on the guy.

Last night, in this not-very-swingy part of Missouri, I left TBS's Conan on in the hotel room and spotted a 30-second version of this video.


It's one of a crop of mini-documentaries available at the new Ending Spending site, WhyIChangedMyVote. It also reminds me of a line from the unused pitch to Ricketts, advising him on the best way to attack Obama's character without alienating people.

"Perhaps there is someone in the Ricketts film world who would be appropriate?" asked Fred Davis. "In particular, we should at least discuss this narrator being an African American."

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