Opening Act: For Bahm Marketing LLC

Opening Act: For Bahm Marketing LLC

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April 20 2012 8:35 AM

Opening Act: For Bahm Marketing LLC

Tom Scocca's case against MS Word.

Word's stylistic preferences range from the irritating—the superscript "th" on ordinal numbers, the eagerness to forcibly indent any numbered list it detects—to the outright wrong. Microsoft's inability to teach a computer to use an apostrophe correctly, through its comically misnamed "smart quotes" feature, has spread from the virtual world into the real one, till professional ballplayers take the field with amateur punctuation on their hats.


James O'Keefe's volunteers secure ballots for David Brock and Bill Maher.

Ben Smith breaks news on a Huntsman staff scandal.

Utah financial disclosure reports for Horizon PAC show three payments totally $205,000 between February and April of last year to a company called “For Bahm Marketing LLC,” which does not exist in the comprehensive record of American companies maintained by the service Nexis/Lexis.
The records also show a single $20,000 payment to the similarly-named “Bahm Marketing LLC,” a New York City political consulting firm. But Bahm Marketing’s owner, Steve Goldberg, said he had been surprised to see the payments to the other entity.

And I think Ryan Reilly has taken care of TPM's traffic for the day.

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