RightOnline: Peak Penis Joke

RightOnline: Peak Penis Joke

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June 18 2011 11:55 AM

RightOnline: Peak Penis Joke

MINNEAPOLIS -- We have reached peak penis joke. Jokes about Anthony Weiner's crotch-related twitter program activities have peppered both of the political conventions in this city. They began with the very first panels on Thursday morning. After asking for volunteers to help with Wisconsin recall efforts, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee's Adam Green got topical.

"Anthony Weiner is here and he's offered to help with the phones," he said.


The Weiner scandal was an unhappy distraction for Netroots; it was a punchline at RightOnline. But not one that people enjoyed hearing. S.E. Cupp, the startlingly pretty conservative columnist and Glenn Beck TV/Fox News star, thanked the crowd for letting her escape New York City. "Too much Weiner. I'm a meat eater. But too much Weiner." The applause got a little wan; when Cupp "thanked" Bill Clinton for bringing the "blow job" back in to parlance, a family in front of me walked out in disgust.

How best to handle the Weiner story? Be like Rep. Tim Huelskamp, who phoned in a speech of jokes about Democrats and a promise to use the debt ceiling to cut spending, Liberals lie, he said.

"Of course they lie, as we found out with Mr. Weiner."

David Weigel is a reporter for Bloomberg Politics

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