Weiner, NSFW
Weiner, NSFW
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June 8 2011 10:55 AM

Weiner, NSFW

The next wrinkle in the story: Andrew Breitbart appeared on Opie and Anthony's radio show this morning, and showed off a photo from his iPhone, which was quickly twitpic'd by both Anthony and Opie. Some of the photos have been removed. One is still up here ; one's here. Before you ask again, no it's not safe for work, and I give you my firm promise that I will link to no more blurry photos of penises this week, unless I really have to.

On Monday, when he briefly absorbed Weiner's press conference to take questions, Brietbart said he was holding on to a more explicit photo out of concern for the congressman's family, and because his main interest was in getting accountability and clarity from someone who'd called him him a lying hacker.. Sure enough, he hasn't published it. He just showed it on his phone, and someone took a photo of the phone, and here we are. Whatever's beneath Wonderland, we're strolling through it.

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