The Godfather of Business Sense!

The Godfather of Business Sense!

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May 6 2011 11:05 AM

The Godfather of Business Sense!

Before the Greenville debate, smart local pols told me they expected Herman Cain to break out. During the debate, I wasn't sure if he was pulling if off. But this Frank Luntz focus group really is something. (Oh, and before you ponder the meaning of white South Carolina Republicans loving a black candidate, get your head out of 1958. This is the state that just elected Tim Scott .)


My favorite reaction might be "the Godfather of business sense, and he can attack Obama well." The reaction I understand the least might come from Cain's web site , which has done nothing with this video or with debate clips. Perhaps he doesn't need to capitalize on them. Cain was the highest-trending GOP candidate on Twitter last night. Republican voters didn't know much about him before, and now, even though he doesn't have any dynamite moments, they've met him. (Democrats are talking up Cain , too, which I interpret more as a way of talking down Pawlenty.)

I i nterviewed and profiled Cain when he got into the race; one of his answers to me was read back at him yesterday by Bret Baier.

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