And Now: Mirtherism

And Now: Mirtherism

And Now: Mirtherism

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May 3 2011 10:19 AM

And Now: Mirtherism

Shining a spotlight on FreeRepublic comment threads is one of the lowest form of political analysis, somewhere between reprinting press releases without comment and asking Gossip Girl stars what they think about high gas prices while they're heading into the Teen Choice Awards. At the same time, FreeRepublic is where the first debunking of the Dan Rather "Texas Air National Guard" documents happened. Also, this thread about the possible conspiracy by which liberals were told to come to the White House to celebrate the death of bin Laden -- which I have dubbed "mirtherism" -- is hilarious.


David Weigel David Weigel

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post. 


An ultra-liberal friend of mine called me this morning.

Even he wasn’t buying the "spontaneous" gatherings with shiny new flags and Obummer signs.

Here i thought I was alone in my thinking this was planned for awhile.

Celtic gal:

Well there was the long delay so my bet is it was a set up..nothing spontaneous about it.


Fox showed one of the cheerleaders that was whooping them up.

Staged pure and simple.

This is all crazy. I interviewed lots of the people who came out that night, many of them students coming from George Washington University (which is walking distance), Georgetown (a short bus ride), or George Mason or American (which are direct metro rides). They told me that they had heard about the news on Facebook then run down. Others, arriving later, told me they'd heard about it on the news, and run down. How did the Obama signs appear? First, there weren't many of them, and second, they'd been sitting around in dorm rooms and houses. (One man holding a "Latinos for Obama" sign was a Virginia Democrat running for office there.) Some Freeper stepped in to correct this:

Georgetown isn’t that far away. There’s no MTR stop at Georgetown, but a young person could run-walk down to white house in 1/2 hour.

George Washington Univ is even closer - just a few blocks. Howard Univ. is also just north of the white house by a few miles. Catholic Univ. a bit further, but can get their by subway.

by the way, I saw quite a few Gadsden flags and Bush-Cheney signs in the first hour or so.

College kids are always looking for a good time - especially a historical event like this one.

Basically, yes. I don't think Mirtherism will get far beyond the gardens of FR or GatewayPundit , but who knows?

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post.