The DGA Fundraises Off Republican Birther Bills
The DGA Fundraises Off Republican Birther Bills
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April 22 2011 10:39 AM

The DGA Fundraises Off Republican Birther Bills

The Democratic Governors Association sends a fundraising letter to its list asking for support to stop the "birther" bills in various Republican-run states. (As a sign of how much awareness there is about these bills now, I notice a short blurb about them in the new Time magazine.)

The full letter:


It’s a new low. No matter how many times it’s disproven, Republicans still embrace the dangerous conspiracy theory that President Obama wasn’t born in this country and is not eligible to hold office.

It’s just not true.But that hasn’t stopped Republicans in numerous state legislatures from introducing "birther" bills aimed specifically at undermining President Obama. And it hasn’t stopped Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana) from promising to sign one of these bills.More and more states are considering these bills. In Indiana, radical Republican legislators have introduced a birther bill, and if it gets to Gov. Mitch Daniels, you know he will be under extreme pressure to kowtow to the Tea Party and sign it.

ENOUGH! Stand with the DGA today against these birther bills. The Republicans need to stay laser-focused on creating jobs and improving the economy, not supporting sideshow issues in order to score cheap political points.Click here to stop these senseless political games. Show Republican governors like Bobby Jindal and Mitch Daniels that you oppose these so-called birther bills.

Our country faces serious challenges, and we need governors focused on putting people back to work and protecting the middle class. Yet we still have radical right-wing figures like Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh pushing these baseless accusations.Republican governors, eager to score political points, keep these myths alive by refusing to unequivocally say that birtherism isn’t true and that they won’t sign any bills trying to undermine our president. Since they won’t act, it’s up to us to make sure they know the American people are watching.

Click here to stop these senseless political games. Tell Republican governors like Bobby Jindal and Mitch Daniels to veto so-called birther bills every time and everywhere.You and I know that birtherism is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the extreme, hard-right agenda supported by Republican governors across the country.

Thank you so much for helping the DGA hold them accountable.

Sincerely,Colm O'Comartun
Executive Director
Democratic Governors Association

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post. 

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