The Budget Compromise: Eliminating Four Czars, and More

The Budget Compromise: Eliminating Four Czars, and More

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April 12 2011 10:28 AM

The Budget Compromise: Eliminating Four Czars, and More

Here it is , via the House Appropriations Committee. I've put the whole thing below , but a few things to notice right away:

- The Defense budget is not cut. Instead, it increases $5 billion to $513 billion.
- Four "czars" have their jobs defunded -- "Health Care Czar," the "Climate Change Czar," the "Car Czar," and the "Urban Affairs Czar."
- There is a prohibition on funds for the Climate Service at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


UPDATE: The code proved intolerable; the document is just at the link now. But read Phil Rucker on this .

The legislation includes $4.9 billion from the Justice Department ’s Crime Victims Fund, for instance, but that money is in a reserve fund that wasn’t going to be spent this year. Crime victims would receive no less money than they did before the deal.

The bill contains some policy provisions, including language preventing Guantanamo Bay detainees from being transferred into the United States for any purpose. And it eliminates funding for four Obama administration "czars": the "health care czar," "climate change czar," "car czar" and "urban affairs czar." But those positions are already vacant, and Democrats beat back a GOP effort to defund other "czar" positions.


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