Joe McGinniss, Blogger

Joe McGinniss, Blogger

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April 11 2011 12:02 PM

Joe McGinniss, Blogger

The author of the upcoming Palin bio The Rogue , the man who lived next door to Palin while researching it , has launched a blog. Prediction: This will irritate Palin more than last summer's little geographical dispute ever did. A sample post:

National Enquirer out with a story about Todd’s "love child."


I heard the story from a number of people last summer. Basic version is that it’s a boy now in his late teens and that the mother is an old flame of Todd’s from his hometown of  Dillingham. I haven’t yet been able to confirm this, but I won’t be delivering my final chapter until June.

McGinniss stayed in the Wasilla house for around five months. He interviewed countless people who'd known Palin at various points in her life, and he was doing it as Palin's political influence was starting to peak, so I'm sure he's heard every story by now.

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