Wisconsin Update: Kloppenburg Clings to Lead
Wisconsin Update: Kloppenburg Clings to Lead
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April 6 2011 2:58 PM

Wisconsin Update: Kloppenburg Clings to Lead

Based on the numbers I'm seeing, there is only one precinct left to count in Wisconsin, in Jefferson County. The results, statewide:

JoAnne Kloppenburg - 739,711
David Prosser - 739,505

That's a 206 vote lead for Kloppenberg, or a difference of 0.14 percent. The Democrat enters the recount with the advantage.

UPDATE: Kloppenburg has declared victory.

We owe Justice Prosser our gratitude for his more than 30 years of public service. Wisconsin voters have spoken and I am grateful for, and humbled by, their confidence and trust. I will be independent and impartial and I will decide cases based on the facts and the law. As I have traveled the State, people tell me they believe partisan politics do not belong in our Courts.  I look forward to bringing new blood to the Supreme Court and focusing my energy on the important work Wisconsin residents elect Supreme Court justices to do.

This is why it pays to end the initial count with a lead -- any lead. If this holds, Scott Walker's political honeymoon expired on April 5, 2011, three months after he took office.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post. 

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