Ron Paul on the Trail
Ron Paul on the Trail
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March 25 2011 9:08 AM

Ron Paul on the Trail

While pundits get giddy over his son's gauzy statements about 2012, Rep. Ron Paul has been back on the campaign trail. He was reunited with his 2008 Iowa campaign chairman two days, making speeches in that state, and yesterday he drew 550 people to a speech in Durham, N.H.

He also blasted Republicans who said they cut funding to National Public Radio to save money while approving billions in spending for the conflict in Afghanistan.

"It just strikes me as totally inconsistent and not addressing the subject," he said.


Paul allies in the states tell me he's still 50/50 on making a run. I wrote in my Michele Bachmann story that if she ran, she'd be the lone representative from the GOP Congress in the race; Paul, obviously, would be the second. And both would get serious media coverage that would impact what Republicans in Congress have to respond to.


David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post. 

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