Virginia Tea Party Candidate Criticizes Obama for Not Getting Congressional Vote on Libya

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March 21 2011 11:17 AM

Virginia Tea Party Candidate Criticizes Obama for Not Getting Congressional Vote on Libya

Jamie Radtke, who's running a dark horse primary campaign against George Allen in Virginia, comes out against the intervention in Libya in very strong terms . She calls it America's "third concurrent war," calls for Arab nations to take the lead, and basically says what few members of Congress who don't have "Paul" in their names are saying.

It is the United States Congress , not the United Nations Security Council, which should determine if we commit the American military to war. A United Nations vote does not supersede a Congressional vote.

I am disturbed that the President seemed more concerned about a U.N. vote than Congressional authorization. The United States Congress must hold an immediate vote on a declaration of war on Libya.

I support the war in Afghanistan, which was in response to the terrorist attack on U.S. soil that killed thousands of Americans, and the war in Iraq, which was intended to stop a WMD program that we and nearly all other nations believed that Saddam Hussein was undertaking. While I would have preferred declarations of war, Congress did at least pass war resolutions for the use of military force in both wars.

In Libya, however, the United States is facing no imminent national security threat, yet we are doing most of the heavy lifting, and we have no Congressional authorization for the use of military force.


Her opponent, Allen -- who voted to authorize both of the other wars in the Senate -- has not spoken out on Libya yet. He did announce his NASCAR picks on the weekend, though.

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