It Ain't Easy Being FreedomWorks

It Ain't Easy Being FreedomWorks

It Ain't Easy Being FreedomWorks

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March 4 2011 4:24 PM

It Ain't Easy Being FreedomWorks

A friend at the taxpayer group passes on an e-mail exchange apparently typical of the blowback coming in these days. The original e-mail:

From: "David Spielman - FreedomWorks"
Date: Fri, Mar 4, 2011 3:11 pm
Subject: Your Invitation to Support Gov. Kasich on March 8


FreedomWorks, Ohio Tea Party groups and limited-government activists are excited to invite you to our press conference and rally at the state capitol in Columbus on March 8th at 10am to defend the taxpayers of Ohio and offer our support for SB 5. The rally will be followed by delivering hundreds of letters of support we have received from the citizens of Ohio, urging their state Representatives vote YES on SB 5.

Please JOIN US on March 8th! Governor John Kasich, the latest recipient of the FreedomWorks "Legislative Entrepreneur Award", has been a vocal advocate for taxpayers as he works to rein in runaway spending and a bloated state budget. Gov. Kasich views SB 5, which restricts collective bargaining for public employees, as a crucial bill: "We don't have a choice but to lower our cost, become competitive, and be in a position where instead of people flying over Ohio, they stop and say, ‘I'd like to create a job there.'" For months, FreedomWorks has been engaged in a local grassroots campaign for SB 5, directing calls and sending letters to urge our target list of state Senators to support the measure.

We are pleased to report that when the Ohio state Senate voted on March 1, one of our targets, Tim Schaffer, was the decided YES necessary to pass the legislation by a razor-thin 17-16 vote margin.  Now the bill moves to the state House of Representatives, where FreedomWorks and local groups will be actively soliciting support for SB 5 from state Representatives. Given how close the vote was in the state Senate, we MUST come out to support Gov. Kasich to make sure this bill becomes law.


That elicited this response.

To: "David Spielman - FreedomWorks"
Subject: Re: Your Invitation to Support Gov. Kasich on March 8     

Fuck that union hating motherfucker and fuck you too.    

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No grabbing and shoving anyone's camera, at least.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post.