And Now, the Zapruder Film of "Union Thuggery"
And Now, the Zapruder Film of "Union Thuggery"
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March 1 2011 9:07 AM

And Now, the Zapruder Film of "Union Thuggery"

The griping contest over how many "union thugs" are making trouble at pro-Wisconsin union rallies reaches the next logical step with dueling videos portraying either a man being knocked down or a man faking a knockdown.

The first video, here, shows conservative activist and 2010 congressional candidate Marty Lamb falling to the ground and saying "that guy just knocked me over!" as he points to a man with a tan hoodie walking away.


That inspired this response video which takes the same footage but cuts it up to point out that there's no proof a union member knocked Lamb down.

What to believe? The second, smart-assed video makes a point -- we never see who or what knocked Lamb over. He has a clear path to the man in the tan shirt, but doesn't pursue him. And as Lamb gets up someone bellows "Ya oughtta be ashamed of yourself, ya phony!" The first video never shows Hoodie Man again, cutting to an angry man in an Ironworkers sweatshirt yelling about something to a group of pro-union protesters.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post. 

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