Another UW Teach Out at 11: "Bring the Ruckus!"

Another UW Teach Out at 11: "Bring the Ruckus!"

Another UW Teach Out at 11: "Bring the Ruckus!"

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Feb. 22 2011 10:17 AM

Another UW Teach Out at 11: "Bring the Ruckus!"

Public teachers are back to work today, but there's a new effort underway to get University of Wisconsin students and professors to walk out of classes and protest at the Capitol. The e-mail from the Teaching Assistant Association, passed on to me by one of the participants:

Dear Members,

Tomorrow*, we will have a campus-wide teach out in response to the threat that Governor Walker's Budget Repair Bill poses to the university. We urge members to move their classes off of campus or reschedule them. PROFS, an organization of UW faculty, has called for a march on the Capitol in solidarity with our Teach Out ( ). Along with this, undergraduates and several student organizations are walking out. We all will meet at 11 AM in Library Mall, and then the group of grads, undergrads, and faculty will march to the Capitol.

There's also been a number of questions about how to speak with undergrads. For this, a number of members put together a post on how to speak with undergrads and prepared a handout on how to do so:

The Assembly and Senate will be meeting, so be ready to bring the ruckus to the Capitol!

In solidarity,
Kevin Gibbons
Alex Hanna

TAA Co-Presidents



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