<i>This</i> Woman Named Braun Isn't So Fond of Hitler

<i>This</i> Woman Named Braun Isn't So Fond of Hitler

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Feb. 14 2011 4:37 PM

<i>This</i> Woman Named Braun Isn't So Fond of Hitler

I will always, always, almost always defend the right of politicians to make Third Reich references without guilt, but this from Carol Moseley-Braun is amusing.

During a rally with Princeton Professor Cornel West, Braun attempted to play off of a joke from the Mel Brooks comedy The Producers. In it, there's a character who loved Adolf Hitler because he believed Hitler was kind and gentle.

Braun said that Emanuel -- who is Jewish -- was also trying to portray himself as kind and gentle.

"I was not comparing him to Adolf Hitler; print that," Moseley Braun said. "I was trying to say...the kind, gentle concern for the public that is being portrayed in these ads does not square with the record."


Why, again, is Braun the default candidate of the African-American coalition? Why did everyone else drop out to make room for her? Politicians wrenched from the 1990s to the new media age are regularly dreadful in how they handle themselves; she's worse.

David Weigel is a reporter for Bloomberg Politics

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