"Winning the Future" Throughout History

"Winning the Future" Throughout History

"Winning the Future" Throughout History

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Jan. 25 2011 8:40 PM

"Winning the Future" Throughout History

 If the key cliche in tonight's State of the Union address sounds familiar, it should. My colleague Annie Lowrey has compiled a short list of other speeches/books etc that use the concept of "Winning the Future." Newt Gingrich has been dining out on this all day.


- The 2000 book Engines of Tomorrow: How the World's Best Companies Are Using their Research Labs to Win the Future by Robert Buderi

- A 1995 essay by noted business professor C. K. Prahalad entitled "How HR Can Help to Win the Future"

- A 2001 essay on IT by one Dennis Tsichritzis, " Forget the past to win the future "  

- The 1992 inauguration speech of Fidel Ramos, former president of the Philippines, " To Win the Future "

- A 2005 essay on libertarianism in America, " Trans-Human Expressway: Why libertarians will win the future "

- A 1999 "revisitation" of the African short-story and novel, " Surviving the Present, Winning the Future "

- A 2005 politico manifesto by one Newt Gingrich, Winning the Future

- A 1948 reading guide on post-war Europe, chapter entitled "Win the Future," book entitled The Twentieth-Century World

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