Before a Conservative Blogger Beats Me To It
Before a Conservative Blogger Beats Me To It
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Jan. 24 2011 9:46 AM

Before a Conservative Blogger Beats Me To It

The National Press Club announces :

Actor and political activist Richard Dreyfuss has launched a civics education initiative through The Dreyfuss Institute. He will talk about "civility" and how an informed electorate can be better engaged in political dialogue.


I remember his interview with Joy Behar:

DREYFUSS: [T]o play Dick Cheney, all I had to do was find my Dick Cheney. And you can find all the villainy in the world in your own heart, and that`s what an actor`s job is.

BEHAR: That`s right.

DREYFUSS: I always say to kids, inside you is Hitler and Jesus. And you got to find the appropriate person and bring them out.

I suppose it's possible that Dreyfuss had to summon his inner Jesus to play Cheney. Maybe Matthew 21:12 Jesus. Also, this was three whole months ago.

David Weigel is a reporter for Bloomberg Politics

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