No Enemies on the Right
No Enemies on the Right
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Dec. 9 2010 11:12 AM

No Enemies on the Right

I talked to the Club for Growth yesterday and confirmed that the conservative group was not interested in funding primary challenges to Republicans who backed this tax deal. Today I see that Americans for Tax Reform's Ryan Ellis is promoting one part of the deal:

Reports indicate that the Obama-Congressional GOP tax deal contains a new plank of tax relief: one year of full business expensing in 2011. This is potentially the most pro-growth aspect of the entire package.

Following from there, more praise for that part of the plain. Seriously, apart from Jim DeMint's statement to Hugh Hewitt, there is no rousing conservative opposition to passing this deal.
UPDATE: I should have said before: I've talked to DeMint's staff about the interview with Hewitt, in which DeMint said he'd vote against cloture on the tax deal. DeMint sees a world of difference between his position and that of Bernie Sanders, who has said he'll filibuster the deal. DeMint doesn't intend to vote one way on cloture and one way on the bill -- but he is not saying he'll make a stand and kill this deal if it comes down to that, which is what Sanders is saying. "Senator DeMint has simply stated he does not support the deal as currently structured as it includes huge new deficit spending and death tax hikes," said DeMint spokesman Wesley Denton.

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