The Friends of Joe Miller

The Friends of Joe Miller

The Friends of Joe Miller

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Nov. 12 2010 11:13 AM

The Friends of Joe Miller

The arrival of west coast conservative media strategist Floyd Brown on Joe Miller's election team is officially my favorite development of the recount so far. (I talked to Brown about ways the GOP could exploit Democratic problems in the midterms.)

The Miller campaign said it's planning a new lawsuit seeking voter rolls from the Division of Elections. The aim is to compare ballots counted in each precinct with the number of people who signed the rolls, Brown said.

Brown announced the lawsuit at a press conference Thursday in the same room where the write-in review was taking place. He stood in front of the cameras and suggested possible voter fraud in Alaska's election but stopped short of saying the campaign was making that allegation.

The only evidence that Brown provided was an affidavit from a poll watcher in Fairbanks, Rocky MacDonald. MacDonald complained that the ballot box at the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds precinct "was unsecured in that the electoral judges had access to the inside of the ballot box with a key."


Floyd Brown is very, very worried about fraud.

Without proof of birth, Obama may not be eligible to be president. The US Constitution, which is still the law of the land, has very specific qualifications for eligibility to run. I believe that the reason for these special qualifications is because our Founders wanted to make sure any person that could have dual allegiances would never be elected. This simple idea has protected America until this election.

As much as Liberals and the left want this issue to go away, we will never shut up until we see the document. And my hunch is that the largest and boldest fraud ever perpetrated in our history could be unfolding before our eyes.

You can learn a lot about which candidate -- Miller or Murkowski -- the national party is betting on by the allies they've brought in. Murkowski has Bush v. Gore streetfighter Ben Ginsburg; Miller has Floyd Brown.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post.