Gary Johnson Wants You To Know That He's Weird
Gary Johnson Wants You To Know That He's Weird
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Nov. 11 2010 5:18 PM

Gary Johnson Wants You To Know That He's Weird

Ben Birnbaum's profile of former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is a lot of fun .

"Look," he says, "there are times and places where it would be perfectly safe to go one-forty, and there are others where it would be reckless to go fifty-five." Within moments, he’s taking aim at stop signs and red lights. "I’m not opposed to the concept," he allows. "But sometimes, you know, it’s 5:30 in the morning! There’s nobody on the road!"


When I talk to libertarians about Johnson, and whether they think he could be the "next Ron Paul" (it is a sign of our times that a phrase like that, which would have been meaningless in 2006, means so much now), they worry that he lacks gravitas. The Johnson campaign approaches this problem with a tender embrace. I just got a tip from the campaign asking reporters to read this profile, in which Johnson dodges a speeding ticket and trashes Sarah Palin.

Governor Johnson continues to garner significant press and media coverage regarding the OUR America Initiative. I've enclosed a recent article that has been generating a great deal of discussion; we hope you'll find it interesting.  Governor Johnson is available for press and media interviews.

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