The Liebermanization of Lisa Murkowski
The Liebermanization of Lisa Murkowski
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Nov. 5 2010 3:31 PM

The Liebermanization of Lisa Murkowski

Conservative activists and talkers say "jump," and the NRSC hits the ceiling:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee sent out an e-mail Friday morning urging donors to help U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller... Sen. John Cornyn, the NRSC chairman, asked supporters to donate to help Miller with expenses during an anticipated "lengthy recount."

"We need to get Joe the resources he needs to win the vote count. Because we need Joe to join our fight against Barack Obama," Cornyn said in the e-mail.


There is a chance that Joe Miller can get enough votes disqualified to grab this Senate seat, but it is a very slim chance. Even Miller is saying that precedent only suggests 5-6% of ballots will be disqualified. And so the likely outcome here is that Republicans are welcoming Lisa Murkowski back to the Senate by kicking sand in her face, something that is not going to encourage her to rediscover conservative orthodoxy.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post.