Live from Sharron Angle's Sad, Sad Party

Live from Sharron Angle's Sad, Sad Party

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Nov. 3 2010 10:25 AM

Live from Sharron Angle's Sad, Sad Party

LAS VEGAS -- Here's my write-up of Sharron Angle's election night, a surreal experience. I was in one of the few Republican parties that ended in tears, full of voters who believed that their election would be the one that completely changed America... who then lost.

In every election there is a campaign that glows with the sure confidence of success, then loses. This was not going to be one of those campaigns.

It wasn't going to become one of those campaigns because Angle was the unofficial leader of the great trend of 2010. She was the "fringe" Republican, always written off, always bullied by the establishment, who had been adopted by a brand new political movement and stomped the establishment like a troublesome protester at a Rand Paul rally. She'd won her primary with a shoestring campaign. How could she not beat Harry Reid? A company called Political Connections was even selling a ready-made collectible tribute to the win—a framed photo of the victory party. A small palm card made the hard sell.

A Historic Evening, An Amazing Collectible
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Also, Chris Beam attended the FreedomWorks party in DC.

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