Back, and to the Left... Back, and to the Left

Back, and to the Left... Back, and to the Left

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Oct. 28 2010 3:37 PM

Back, and to the Left... Back, and to the Left

Via Jim Wilke, here's another video angle of the events that occurred outside of the final U.S. Senate debate in Kentucky. activist Lauren Valle, clearly visible in her red jacket and blonde wig, rushed up to Rand Paul's van with her sign; after being moved away, she tried to approach Paul as he entered the debate, and was pulled away into the infamous "stomp."


And here was the angle we all saw:

I... don't think Team Paul Supporter looks much better here. Yes, they were pulling away a woman who was extremely energetic and fast-moving in her quest to get next to Paul. But that's all she was trying to do. Protesters do this all the time, and they're not usually roughed up like this. Although if Rand gets to the Senate, he's going to have an interesting conversation with Al Franken .


David Weigel is a reporter for Bloomberg Politics

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