Chris Coons on the Air
Chris Coons on the Air
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Sept. 17 2010 8:18 AM

Chris Coons on the Air

The Forgotten Man of the U.S. Senate race in Delaware has been running this debut ad, 100 percent positive, and the focus is telling about 2010.


History note: This is pretty much how I remember the situation in 2004, when Coons took over New Castle County from Tom Gordon, a walking disaster of a politician who was hit with racketeering charges after he left office. Insofar as Coons is popular, it's because he's not Tom Gordon. The Rasmussen Poll that shows Coons up 11 points on Christine O'Donnell gives him a 58/34 favorable/unfavorable rating in a state where Barack Obama is popular. This is one of several reasons why the people hitting the O'Donnell donation box might be wiser to check out Goldline.

But check out Coons' message! In a Democratic state, he does not mention that he is a Democrat. We learn that he balanced the budget, cut spending, and cut his salary. That's what Jim DeMint would do if we gave him New Castle County, isn't it?

Liberals are having the most fun they've had in months by making fun of Christine O'Donnell's career as a Christian conservative pundit, but I doubt that stuff is going to play a role in the Coons campaign. If the Tea Party Express slings the "bearded Marxist" nonsense, I doubt it will work. Coons is boring and tight with money, and that's what wins in Delaware. To wit, one of the classic Delaware ads from the hottest Senate race in recent history, the 2000 Carper-Roth deathmatch. Go and find me a more polite contrast ad.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post.