The Tea Party Army and Its Coming Victory
The Tea Party Army and Its Coming Victory
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Sept. 14 2010 9:01 AM

The Tea Party Army and Its Coming Victory

If you missed it yesterday, I have a piece about the 9/11 weekend of Tea Party activity in D.C., how the movement is ready to elect some members of Congress now, and how old school Republican strategists are happily capturing their energy.

A happy crowd that swelled to more than 500 people over the courseof two days devoured all of this news. In breakout sessions, audiencemembers occasionally expressed doubt and worry that their localcandidates would lose to Democrats. They were told what they weregetting wrong by strategists who are figuring out ways to maximize TeaParty turnout and liking what they see. (This event was scheduled forthe 9/11 weekend to capitalize on interest in the FreedomWorks rally.)According to Deal Hudson, who once ran Catholic outreach for theBush-Cheney campaign and is now the director of operations at InsideCatholic, the job is pretty easy.

"If you screen for people who attend church every week," said Hudson, "you get the vast majority of Tea Party activists."


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David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post. 

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