Snowe to the Rescue!
Snowe to the Rescue!
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Sept. 14 2010 3:59 PM

Snowe to the Rescue!

She mulls a compromise on tax cuts:

"Where we start is to extend all the tax cuts. I think that'simportant," Snowe told reporters Tuesday morning. But she did suggestshe could be open to a solution that falls short of the permanentextension of all the Bush rate cuts -- the only approach her moreconservative Republican colleagues are willing to consider.

"I'm not drawing lines in the sand," said Snowe. For instance, she saida two-year extension would give Congress time to consider a broader taxreform bill, aimed at simplifying the code and making it moreequitable. But in the meantime, Snowe said, "We need to extend allthese tax cuts, and to send any other message is going to have seriousimpact and consequences" that could damage the fledgling economicrecovery.


Any compromise at all bails out the Democrats, right? Well, no: The upper-income tax cuts are terribly unpopular, and you notice that from the way Republicans blandly refer to them as "tax cuts for all Americans." Your neighbor who needs a job is an American, but so is Joaquin Phoenix.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post. 

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