Britain porn filter: Prime minister says it’s necessary to protect children.
Will U.K. Computers Come With a Built-In Porn Filter?
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Dec. 21 2012 9:30 AM

Will U.K. Computers Come With a Built-In Porn Filter?

British Prime Minister David Cameron is worried about porn. The Conservative Party leader has proposed a filtering system that will accompany all new computers, requiring users to answer certain questions before setup.

New computers would first ask "Are there children in the house?” then lead users through a series of prompts based on their answer. If users opt to skip through without answering the questions, a default filter would be set up to block porn and other “objectionable” sites.


Competing British newspapers had very different reactions to the proposal, with one declaring “victory” and another calling it “creepy” and a step toward state censorship.

Cameron says the filtering system is a necessary step against the Internet’s “silent attack on innocence,” though even he acknowledges that “no other government has taken such radical steps before.”