Nokia Maps: Better than Apple Maps, but will Google Maps trounce them?
Nokia Maps for iPhone and iPad Outfox Apple Maps
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Nov. 20 2012 5:45 PM

Nokia Maps for iPhone and iPad Outfox Apple Maps

Nokia launched its new Here Maps app for iOS this week, a potential alternative to Apple's own wayward maps.

Run with the same system most car navigators use, Here Maps provides familiar features like driving, walking, and public transit directions. But some features are novel, like an option to compare traffic data at different times and days to make your trip more efficient. In a social gesture, users can also create and share maps with friends via cloud-based storage.


The app is available free now for the iPhone and iPad, but Nokia's window to win over disgruntled Apple Maps users may be narrow: Google is reportedly planning its own homegrown maps app for iOS to be released soon.

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