Pat Robertson porn: Says women don’t watch porn because it’s “a boy thing.”

WATCH: Pat Robertson Can’t Understand Why Women Would Watch Porn

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Nov. 9 2012 2:23 PM

WATCH: Pat Robertson Can’t Understand Why Women Would Watch Porn

Another day, another video of Pat Robertson proving how incredibly out of touch he is.

The antiquated host of the 700 Club was shocked—shocked!—to discover that women might watch and enjoy porn, because "We always thought this was a male thing, a boy thing, a guy thing." Sharing a hilariously awkward moment with co-host Kristi Watts, Robertson opened up the discussion by perhaps getting a little too personal with her, asking: “Do you see anything in porn that attracts you?”


Robertson was also surprised by the success of author E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Gray erotic novels, which involve a younger woman, her older lover, and lots of BDSM. Which reminds us—make sure you have a safe word when someone makes you watch the 700 Club.

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