Hillary Clinton president 2016: Bill Clinton doesn’t rule out a Hillary run in 2016.
Bill Clinton on Hillary’s 2016 Plans: “I Have No Earthly Idea”
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Sept. 24 2012 3:07 PM

Bill Clinton on Hillary’s 2016 Plans: “I Have No Earthly Idea”


Photo by John Moore/Getty Images.

We know Hillary Clinton plans to leave her post as secretary of state next year, no matter what happens in the November election. But comments this weekend from Bill Clinton are fueling speculation about her plans for 2016.

In an interview that aired Sunday, the former president said his wife is “tired” and wants to “regroup” after 20 years in the White House as first lady, in the Senate, and in President Obama’s cabinet. He added that he had “no earthly idea” if she planned a return bid for the presidency.


Hillary herself said earlier this year that she is eager to step off the “the high wire of American politics.” But a recent poll showed enthusiasm for her to run for president in 2016, with 57 percent saying they would support her over potential Democratic rivals. With those numbers, anything short of an outright denial guarantees that Hillary won’t avoid the spotlight for at least four more years. 

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