Instagram led the way on reporting Guatemalan volcano eruption.
How Instagram Led The Way on Guatemalan Volcano Eruption
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Sept. 14 2012 4:53 PM

How Instagram Led The Way on Guatemalan Volcano Eruption


Is Instagram the new CNN? As cable networks and traditional news media lose audience share, Instagram seems to be joining Twitter as an invaluable tool in breaking news situations. 

The latest example: a massive volcano eruption in Guatemala this week.  Buzzfeed notes that hours after lava and ash started spewing, international news agencies had scant few photos, while dozens of remarkable pictures were cropping up on Instagram.  


As it turns out, the eruption forced the evacuation of 33,000 people from 17 area villages. A reminder of the pent-up power of the 12,000-foot Fuego volcano and the recently unleashed power of Instagram and social media to get stories like these out in the world.

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