Pussy Riot murders: Russian authorities say women murdered in Kazan had “Free Pussy Riot” written in blood above bodies.
Russian Authorities: Crazed Pussy Riot Fan Murdered Two Women
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Aug. 30 2012 3:43 PM

Russian Authorities: Crazed Pussy Riot Fan Murdered Two Women

Would you believe Pussy Riot’s punk rocker fans are murderers … if Russia’s authorities and state-controlled media were telling you about it?

Russian officials claim a zealous fan of the punk collective killed two unidentified women in the city of Kazan aged 76 and 38 last week, then smeared the words "Free Pussy Riot" over the bodies with a substance that appears to be blood. 

Three members of Pussy Riot are serving a two-year jail sentence for hooliganism, after performing an impromptu anti-Putin concert at Moscow's largest church in February. 

Pussy Riot's lawyer is attempting to distance the band from what he called a "horrendous provocation," but pro-Kremlin publications are claiming the killings were "inspired" by the rockers. 

Russian authorities say supporters of the Russian punk band 'Pussy Riot' murdered two women this week.



If the allegations are true, Pussy Riot and their supporters might be in store for further scrutiny by the law. Of course, in Russia, that seems like a big “if.”

Video by Krishnan Vasuvedan.

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