Coachella’s Hologram Performance From Dead Nate Dogg
Coachella’s Hologram Performance From Dead Nate Dogg 
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April 12 2012 6:17 PM

Coachella’s Holographic Nate Dogg Performance from Beyond the Grave

As music fans descend en masse on Indio, Calif. for the 2012 Coachella music festival this weekend, concert organizers won’t let anything stop them from putting on a good show … even death.
And to that end, it’s rumored deceased R&B star Nate Dogg will make a special appearance on stage this weekend via hologram, performing along side former collaborators Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Warren G. TMZ reports the digital specter of Nate Dogg, who passed away from a stroke in March 2011, will croon on several songs, possibly becoming the first laser enabled zombie to headline a summer music festival.
If true, this could be the most exciting moment for hip-hop holograms—or the biggest train wreck—since Will.I.Am appeared on CNN live-via-hologram to opine on Obama’s 2008 presidential victory. Either way: Regulators, mount up!