Herman Cain Ad Blows Up Rabbit With Shotgun Fire
New Herman Cain Ad Uses Monty Python Levels of Violence, Rabbits
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March 26 2012 4:57 PM

New Herman Cain Ad Uses Monty Python Levels of Violence, Rabbits

(A new ad from Herman Cain features a rabbit being shot with a shotgun. Former Presidential candidate Herman Cain waits to speak at a Tea Party Patriots' 'Road To Repeal Rally' on a rainy day March 24, 2012 in Washington, DC.)

Photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images

Herman Cain is long gone from the presidential race, but his crazy ads have yet to concede.

The latest puts a rabbit in a catapult before a Stephen Colbert look-alike blows it to smithereens with a shotgun. The rabbit represents small business. The violence and destruction represents … President Obama’s stimulus plan, of course.


The advertisement pays high-contrast homage to the “this is your brain on drugs” campaign from the 1990s. A small girl in a dress looks at the viewer and asks repeatedly “any questions?” Then Cain looks across a scorched landscape.

We might have had the bunny take a long pull off a cigarette, but that’s splitting bunny hairs. Either way, don’t go anywhere Cain Solutions—we’re counting on you to keep the rest of the political season ridiculous.

Video produced by Paca Thomas

Ben Johnson is the producer of Marketplace Tech from American Public Media.