Barack Obama Finally Speaks Out on Linsanity
Barack Obama Finally Speaks Out on Linsanity
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March 1 2012 5:55 PM

Barack Obama Finally Speaks Out on Linsanity

It wasn’t in his daily secret security brief, but Obama was aware of Linsanity before you were.  

In what he claimed was the first podcast conducted with a sitting president, Grantland editor-in-chief Bill Simmons recently chatted with the president on sports and pop culture topics, including new NBA super star Jeremy Lin.


POTUS revealed he’s been on the Lin train for a while now, having been alerted to the young star’s potential by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who was captain of the Harvard basketball team back in his day.
Obama spent much of the interview stoking his hipster cred, revealing he had a podcast before they were cool, and discussing his affinity for Omar, a stick-up artist who robs drug dealers on the cult HBO show The Wire.

Obama first revealed his appreciation of Omar on the campaign trail in 2008, then clarified, saying it wasn’t an “endorsement.” For that kind of official support, Omar would probably have to register to vote.

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