Dogs Against Romney Hound Former Mass. Governor
Dogs Against Romney Hound Former Mass. Governor
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Feb. 14 2012 4:31 PM

Dogs Against Romney Hounds Former Mass. Governor

(A 'Dogs Against Romney' press event in front of Madison Square Garden during the 136th Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show February 14, 2012 in New York.)

Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

When it comes to proving your love of dogs, Mitt Romney is an unlikely candidate for best in show.

The former Massachusetts Governor has been criticized for putting his dog Seamus in a box on the top of his car for a drive from Boston to Canada in 1983. And today he’s being hounded again for the decision, as the group Dogs Against Romney protests outside the Westminster Dog Show at New York’s Madison Square Garden.


The group hopes to “ensure pet lovers are aware that Mitt Romney is mean to dogs.”

They’ve already had help from Newt Gingrich in a Web ad, and Obama campaign guru David Axelrod recently tweeted a photo of the president with dog Bo inside a car with the caption “How loving owners transport their dogs.”

This week Romney’s got bigger things to howl about though; the latest national polling has Rick Santorum ahead by a nose.

Ben Johnson is the producer of Marketplace Tech from American Public Media.