Amazon Eve, World's Tallest Model, Wrestles Men (VIDEO)

Amazon Eve, World's Tallest Model, Wrestles Men (VIDEO)

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Dec. 30 2010 2:54 PM

Amazon Eve, World's Tallest Model, Wrestles Men (VIDEO)


Amazon Eve, akathe world's tallest supermodel, is among the hottest search terms on New Year'sEve. This after the U.K.


published a story that the 6-foot-8 fitness model and actresswrestles men for money, though it's entirely possible the combination of"Amazon" and "New Years Eve" are driving her search stockthrough the roof.

For about $400 an hour Eve  tosses willing men around, mostly in Europeand Asia where her services are most sought after. Eve, who wears a size-14shoe, hopes casting directors will stop offering her roles as a monster or analien. She says, "I could do a role like Jaws in one of the old James Bondfilms."

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