Barry Vs. the Barracuda
Barry Vs. the Barracuda
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Aug. 29 2008 11:14 AM

Barry Vs. the Barracuda

In the '80s, a basketball standout nicknamed "Sarah Barracuda" gamely stepped onto the court despite a stress fracture, determined to lead Wasilla High School to a state championship. That Barracuda was Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee for vice president (according to her Wikipedia page ).

McCain's pick of Palin means a fifth presidential/vice presidential debate should be added to the calendar. A cross-ticket game of horse between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. Obama has the upper hand because he plays regularly, but Palin has played ball on a bigger stage than Obama ever has. It would rival the Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird showdown .


Joe Biden and John McCain, meanwhile, can duke it out in the boxing ring . We hear Biden has been known to bloody a few noses in his day.

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