Tim Cahill wonder goal: Australia's Cahill scores one of the best goals of the 2014 World Cup against the Netherlands. (VIDEO)
Australia Just Scored the Goal of the World Cup. Yes, Australia.
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June 18 2014 1:03 PM

Australia Just Scored the Goal of the World Cup. Yes, Australia.

Just wow.

JUAN BARRETO // Getty Images

Sorry Robin Van Persie, this World Cup has a new best goal. Less than 90 seconds after Van Persie’s teammate Arjen Robben put heavily favored Netherlands ahead of Australia 1–0, the Socceroos' 34-year-old star man Tim Cahill responded with one of the greatest goals of this or any World Cup.* So soon after Robben’s strike was Cahill’s astounding response, that ESPN was still showing the replay of the Dutchman celebrating when Australia had launched into its attack. The former Everton attacking midfielder received a perfect lob and blasted a one-time volley off of his left foot and over the arm of the leaping Dutch goalkeeper.

The goal was the seventh time at this tournament that back-to-back goals have been scored within four minutes of one another. Australia had actually conceded consecutive goals in the 12th and 14th minute in their 3–1 loss to Chile in their opening group match. They’ve probably forgotten all about that now.


Correction, June 18, 2014: This post originally misspelled Socceroos, the name of Australia's national association football team

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