Roy Moore Hannity radio appearance: non-denial denials.

Roy Moore Denies Dating Teenage Girls (Sort Of)

Roy Moore Denies Dating Teenage Girls (Sort Of)

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Nov. 10 2017 5:13 PM

Roy Moore Denies Dating Teenage Girls (Sort Of)

Roy Moore and his horse “Sassy” on Sept. 26 in Gallant, Alabama.

Hal Yeager/Getty Images

A woman named Leigh Corfman has told the Washington Post that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore placed her hand on his genitals when she was 14 and he was 32, in 1979; two of her friends and her mother say they remember her telling them in the past about details that match her current account, while court records indicate Corfman’s mother attended a custody hearing near Moore’s office (he was a prosecutor) in that year. Three other women who spoke to the Post said that Moore pursued relationships with them when they were teenagers but that they were above the age of consent at the time (16 in Alabama) and that they did not have sexual relationships with him.

Moore has said the entire Post story is a fabricated smear and appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show Friday afternoon to continue doing so ... in a way. While he continues to deny that he sexually abused Leigh Corfman when she was 14, and in fact says they never met, he didn’t quite say that he didn’t try to date teenagers when he was in his 30s:

“It would have been out of my customary behavior,” he later said when Hannity pressed the issue of whether he ever dated older teens. (The age of consent in Alabama was/is 16.) Which is not a denial—but Moore then subsequently seemed to suggest that he had denied it:

Moore also said that he recognized the names of two of the women named in the Post story who said that they had dated him without having a sexual relationship, but did not elaborate.