Today in Conservative Media: Have Trump Loyalists Been Duped on DACA?

Today in Conservative Media: Have Trump Loyalists Been Duped on DACA?

Today in Conservative Media: Have Trump Loyalists Been Duped on DACA?

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Sept. 15 2017 5:33 PM

Today in Conservative Media: Have Trump Loyalists Been Duped on DACA?

President Trump departing the White House on Thursday.

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Conservatives continued to battle Friday over the implications of a potential DACA deal. On Thursday night, Sean Hannity blamed Republicans in Congress for President Trump’s rapport with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

What you're watching unfold here is the failure that has literally pushed this president into the arms of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. ...
Republicans in the House and Senate have zero sense of urgency, no sense of accountability. And even after promising for years and years and years they would deliver for you, the American people, they have not. So, with Republican lawmakers not in his corner, well, the president has few options. He can either wait around for Republicans to get their act together, or he can try to forge ahead on his own, and that means even reaching out to Democrats.

At RedState, Susan Wright mocked Hannity by comparing his defenses of Trump to “battered wife syndrome.” “He’s so deep in denial about the betrayal of Donald Trump, that while others of the loyal MAGA crew are burning their uniform caps in protest, Hannity is making excuses for working with liberal Democrats,” she wrote. “Hannity’s refusal to hold Trump accountable for multiple policy flips shouldn’t be the shock that it is. The election of Trump has been quite illuminating. If nothing else, it has proven just how slight the grip on principle is for those who have become wealthy by selling the idea of themselves as ‘true conservative voices.’ ”

National Review’s Jonah Goldberg assessed the rough spot Hannity and other Trump loyalists now find themselves in:

The majority of immigration hawks ... considered DACA to be the president’s most valuable negotiating chip. He could have gotten funding for the wall—or perhaps E-Verify, or portions of Senator Tom Cotton’s immigration-reform legislation, the RAISE Act—passed in exchange for making DACA permanent. Instead, the author of The Art of the Deal essentially tossed his best chip into the pot as if it were the ante.
This poses a crisis for two different kinds of Trump true believers. The “nationalists” honestly believed he was one of them. Meanwhile, the super-fans honestly believed Trump was the greatest negotiator and strategist the world had ever seen. Both of these notions were delusions. Oh, I’m sure Trump believes much of his America First talk, but that’s talk. What really matters to him is praise. It was only a matter of time before the moth flew to the glow of public opinion.

Breitbart ran a post speculating that a revival of DACA could lead to an influx of 4 million to 6 million immigrants. “According to Princeton University researchers Stacie Carr and Marta Tienda, for every one new Mexican immigrant to the U.S., an additional 6.38 Mexican nationals come to the U.S. through family-chain migration,” Breitbart’s John Binder wrote. “Based on the Princeton research, the 618,342 illegal aliens from Mexico who are covered by DACA would be able to bring upwards of four million additional relatives and family members to the U.S. in the years to come.”

In other news:

At National Review, Andrew McCarthy wrote that the London underground bombing represented a new stage in Islamic terrorism:

We worried that someday it would dawn on these monsters that there is a great deal of low-hanging fruit out there (virtually indefensible targets, like subways and crowded streets) that would be easy to attack, almost no preparation or coordination required. Now, they’re going for the low-hanging fruit.
In terms of what the wonks like to call the “threat mosaic,” we are now in straits more dangerous than ever. We have highly trained, competent jihadists who are capable of pulling off sophisticated strikes that could kill hundreds or thousands at once; and we have motivated would-be jihadists who have been encouraged to do the kind of crude attacks that are within their limited capabilities. The crude attacks, we are learning, are just as effective at stoking an atmosphere of intimidation as long as they happen with some regularity.

At the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro criticized liberals for attacking Trump’s tweets in the wake of the attack and not London’s mayor. “[W]hat exactly does Khan plan to do about security?” he asked. “What does the British government plan to do, other than mouth idiocies about terrorists ‘dividing our communities’? This is the question that drives people into Trump’s camp. It’s not that Trump has a well-thought-out solution. It’s that he seems unwilling to grant credence to the notion that a stiff upper lip will somehow dissuade terrorists from murdering innocent people.”