Today in conservative media: Another pathetic night for antifa and the mainstream media.

Today in Conservative Media: Another Pathetic Night for Antifa and the Mainstream Media

Today in Conservative Media: Another Pathetic Night for Antifa and the Mainstream Media

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Aug. 23 2017 8:11 PM

Today in Conservative Media: Another Pathetic Night for Antifa and the Mainstream Media

People console a man who was pepper-sprayed by police after a rally by President Donald Trump at the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday.

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On Wednesday, conservatives took on both the mainstream media’s reactions to Trump’s Phoenix speech and the night’s protests. “Members of the establishment media reacted in horror after President Donald Trump criticized them again during a rally in Phoenix in the wake of the violent Charlottesville protests,” Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering wrote. “CNN political analyst Peter Mathews said Trump’s rhetoric [is] ‘dangerous,’ comparing it to same rhetoric that Hitler used in Nazi Germany.”


Townhall’s Matt Vespa criticized CNN’s Don Lemon for a monologue slamming Trump’s speech. “In all, it proved why Trump won in 2016,” he wrote. “It’s these sorts of tantrums from the media that pushes moderates into the Trump camp and makes those already in it to dig in deeper.” The Daily Wire’s James Barrett mocked figures from the Daily Mail suggesting around 500 protesters showed up to Trump’s speech out of an anticipated 7,000. “[I]t turns out that one side was mostly just social media faux activism,” he wrote. “And after the rally the Antifa did what the Antifa do: assaulted police and got themselves tear-gassed.”

He and other writers across several sites highlighted a clip of a protester being shot in the groin with a rubber bullet or pepper ball after kicking a smoke grenade back at the police. “ANTIFA: Another Nutsack Totalled In Fascist AmeriKKKa,” the Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher wrote. “Handy hint: If you don’t want your balls to get demolished in a riot, don’t participate in a riot. You can be angry all you want, but when the cops tell you to hit the bricks, just scamper along home to Mommy.”

“[T]here’s no way to be sure if the cop who fired the infamous shot hit where he was aiming or just found the sweet spot out of sheer luck,” the Resurgent’s Marc Giller wrote. “ We can only be grateful that Arizona police take their duty to protect so seriously, all while serving up some boffo entertainment besides." The Daily Wire compiled a list of viral edits of a clip showing the protester being hit, including versions soundtracked by the theme from Titanic and, by the request of the Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro, Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You.

In other news:


Conservatives excoriated ESPN for deciding to have an Asian-American football announcer named Robert Lee sit out of calling a University of Virginia football game. “ was the first to report on this politically correct nonsense, Townhall’s Todd Starnes wrote.”They made an interesting observation: Mr. Lee is in fact – Asian. It is highly doubtful he is a descendant of the Civil War general. And to our knowledge, there are no monuments or statues in his honor posted anywhere in Charlottesville.”

“I hesitate to say the following story is the dumbest thing that will ever happen in the history of America,” the Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher wrote, “because it’s only Wednesday.” On Twitter, conservatives had a field day.