GOP congressman’s son tries dabbing in dad’s swearing-in photo.

GOP Congressman’s Son Dabs in His Dad’s Swearing-In Photo, May Be the Hero We’ve Been Waiting For

GOP Congressman’s Son Dabs in His Dad’s Swearing-In Photo, May Be the Hero We’ve Been Waiting For

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Jan. 3 2017 10:09 PM

GOP Congressman’s Son Tries Dabbing in His Dad’s Swearing-In Photo, Paul Ryan Intervenes


Speaker of the House Paul Ryan kicked off the 115th Congress by ceremonially swearing-in hundreds of members of congress Tuesday and gaveling the first session of the Trump legislative era to order. While that is surely a terrifying thought, it was, understandably, still a big day for many first-timers, particularly giddy House Republicans, like Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall. The Republican won his state’s 1st District, besting a Republican incumbent in the primary, and arrived in Washington with his wife and kids for his first swearing-in ceremony. As the family positioned itself for its photo with Ryan, Marshall’s son, who appears to be in high school and whose wardrobe was likely chosen from the young Ken Bone collection, was given the responsibility of holding the Bible. Both Reps. Marshall and Ryan raised their right hands, and Marshall’s son stole the show, breaking into a smile and a cheeky dab as everyone around him posed for the photo.

Paul Ryan seemed legitimately confused and concerned by the posture. “Are you alright?” Ryan asks the young man. Meanwhile, Rep. Marshall wonders aloud “Is my hand too high?” oblivious to the dabbing going on behind him.


“You want to put your hand down?” Ryan asks the young man, tugging him out of dab position. “Are you going to sneeze, is that it?” Ryan inquires.

“Yeah,” the son says smiling broadly.

“He’s sneezing,” Rep. Marshall reassures the audience, gamely.



To his credit, Ryan laughed off the dab confusion later.

The kid’s new political dad, not so much.

For your professional dabbing reference: